DDoS Protection

DDoS protected dedicated servers

DDoS is an abbreviation for the English expression Distributed Denial-of-Service, and for servers it is much more dangerous than a simple Denial-of Service attack. DDoS attacks often put web servers or entire networks out of commission. In a DDoS attack a web site or even an entire network is attacked all at once by multiple computers. This typically results in a server outage. As a rule DDoS attacks attempt to overload the access link, the firewall resources and/or the web and database servers. The following example will be used to demonstrate what a DDoS attack can do in a real-life situation.

A customer rents a dedicated server that has not been equipped with DDoS protection. He intends to open an online shop and sets it up on a dedicated web server. His business generates excitement and immediately attracts large numbers of customers, and the owner generates considerable sales.

This works fine until, completely unexpectedly, his server connection begins to show signs of disruptions and finally the entire network becomes paralyzed, causing the entire web server to go offline. The owner promptly contacts the hosting provider, because the entrepreneur is unable to generate any more sales. His hoster informs him that his server has been subjected to a DDoS attack, and that his server isn’t equipped with protection against such an attack.

To sum up: Due to the oversized DDoS attack and the lack of a dedicated server with DDoS protection, his shop was inaccessible for several hours, which meant the entrepreneur wasn’t able to generate any sales and lost a lot of deals.

How does DDoS protection work with the root servers from shipcomet.com?

Learn how we can help you effectively eliminate the problem.

Thanks to the DDoS protection, an attack on root servers from us is quickly detected and the associated data traffic analysed. The data traffic is then purged by a cluster comprised of filter systems, and subsequently forwarded to your server. Once an attack is detected by the anti-DDoS programme, you immediately receive an email with all the important information. First the email informs you that an attack took place and was detected, and then you are notified which IP address was attacked.

Subsequently the traffic is filtered. Once the attack is over you receive a message from us via email. This email contains more comprehensive information, such as an excerpt from the identified data traffic.

DDoS protection

How can I protect myself against a DDoS attack?

The DDoS protection (with which every dedicated server is equipped, FREE of charge) prevents external DDoS attacks. Presently the DDoS protection is only capable of intercepting attacks up to a limited size. That is why, despite the anti-DDoS system, it is still possible for the attacked IP address to become blocked during a DDoS attack. However, in order to bring the security of the servers up to the maximum, our Team is working hard on raising the DDoS protection in stages.